About The Author


Sharyn Ferns is an experienced Australian dominant who is lucky enough to live at the beach where she listens to the surf while she writes.
Her writing about female dominance and male submission is largely a reaction to the fact that when she started exploring BDSM many years ago, she struggled to find stories and resources that reflected her experiences and desires as a dominant woman.

Most of the femdom stories Ferns found reflected the stereotype of ‘the queen bitch Goddess and her lowly worthless worm’. This contrasted sharply with her own experience of female dominance as an expression of intimacy and love with her valued submissives: Smart, capable, attractive men who she has been lucky enough to have as her boyfriends, lovers, best friends and sweethearts, and who have honoured her with their submission.

There were very few stories about passion-driven relationships full of love and affection and incredible hotness, and even fewer practical down-to-earth guides for those who are just finding their feet.

So she created them.

If you would like to learn more about Ferns, or if you just want to keep abreast of her life and activities, connect with her on other social media:

Domme Chronicles, her award-winning blog

@Ferns__ where she regularly shares irrelevant and irreverent snippets

Fetlife: Ferns (login required) where she participates regularly in F/m discussions

Tumblr, mostly pretty boys, when she gets around to it

Facebook, for status updates there

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